Cloud Computing with a Community CRM



Jump Into a Smart Community Cloud Solution

Building secure, lasting relationships with consumers, vendors and public sector entities is vital to the sustainability and growth of the community. With a community cloud, customers can experience better service while your representatives can promote and/or sell more through various social and commercial partners. A cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution will help converge all information and increase productivity.
eZnet CRM software is equipped with brilliant features that give you a greater digital advantage. An intelligent Social CRM finds leads via various social networks and qualifies them based on their needs.
To assist the digital dexterity of organizations, CRMs must accommodate the continuous waves of technology while capitalizing on the benefits to the infrastructure. A multifaceted CRM functions best when it utilizes the strengths of the cloud. Cloud-based CRM software masters the following six abilities and eZnet CRM is no exception! Just count your B-L-E's!

  1. FlexiBLE – Collaborates with the current business framework for easy integration
    • Reduces duplication of accounts
    • Forecasts profitable ventures and strategize new campaigns
  2. ScalaBLE – As eZnet CRM increases productivity and profitability, watch your organization grow and the cloud based CRM will adapt
    • Resilience of your resources without the expense
    • High ROI due to increased productivity and reduced administration costs
  3. CustomizaBLE – Navigate the entire CRM solution from your personally customized dashboard and workspace
    • Compatible with modern internet browsers
    • Personalize eZnet CRM your own logos, headings and various settings
  4. VisiBLE –Information can be structured for clarity, frequency and pace
    • Increase your presence online
    • Internally, reduce lengthy searching
  5. ReliaBLE – Costly external storage devices that can become costly and malfunction over time
    • All previous data and incoming information is stored in the cloud
    • Nightly backups to reduce workflow interruption
  6. MoBiLE – Access your eZnet CRM on the go!
    • User friendly interface
    • Compatible with both Apple™ and Android® devices