Cloud Solutions for Sales Excellence



Cloud-Based CRMs Make Sales Teams Soar!

The sales process can be a very open-ended component of business operations. Applying a solid infrastructure will arm your sales representatives with the tools they need for success. The cloud based solution eZnet Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software uses global cloud servers to increase your sales team’s productivity.
Cloud computing is not a fad and its value is truly endless. It will ensure all client information stored within your infrastructure remains organized and accessible. Using a cloud based system to manage your sales processes increases the good and reduces the bad!

Increasing The Good

1.  Visibility – Easy to navigate countless information, even on-the-go

2.  Functionality – Carry out tasks like importing & converting leads based on sales stages

3.  Flexibility – Sales process (and your entire organization’s) scalability is limitless

4.  Scope – Resource bank is expanded and longer lasting

5.  Accountability – Assign every step of all sales processes to the right person and department

Reducing The Bad

1.   Cost – One reasonable subscription price replaces numerous separate costly expenditures

2.   Duplicate Lead/Opportunity Entries – Advanced technology prevents the miscommunication of client account information and transactions

3.   Outdated storage devices – Cuts out potentially malfunctioning devices by centralizing via cloud

4.   Workflow Interruptions – Nightly backups guarantee 99.99% uptime

5.   Customer Tension – 24/7 support services; rapid response thanks to real time ticket features

eZnet CRM’s cloud based solution also maximizes customer engagement and value. The more centralized all account data is, the easier it is to turn a lead into an opportunity and then customer. Once information is imported into the system, the details of each sales stage are recorded for potential quote consideration and probability estimates. Every communication effort is documented; including sales quotes, sales orders and any created tickets.
Sales and Marketing customization is one of the most valuable attributes of eZnet CRM’s functionality promise. Tailor your personal dashboard for sales reps to easily navigate important features and modules needed every day. Each of these is important and eZnet CRM allots ample customization for each:

  • - Lead
  • - Opportunity
  • - Ticket
  • - Quotes
  • - Campaign
  • - Calendar
  • - Documents
  • - Contacts

Sales and Marketing are among the most valuable functions of eZnet CRM. Modify your personal dashboard for sales representatives to capitalize on the important features and modules needed for daily operation.