We switched over from our old platform to eZnet and I am glad we did. It has yet to let me down or slow me down and that means a lot to a busy guy like me. Virtual Stacks promised it was a “seamless transition” and they meant it. Little to no issues with conversion and moving data.

Edgar V.

I went with eznet CRM because of its ability to grow along with my business plan. My field is competitive and we are using every advantage possible. I definitely count this software as a valuable tool. It helps keep us all connected, in sync and organized in the most efficient ways I’ve ever seen.


The system allows for fast implementation to track processes and information with top quality performance. In my opinion, one of the most productive tools ever added to day-today business operation. I know we made the right choice with eZnet.

Jenny H.

eZnet CRM is a platform I find very useful. It has allowed my employees to tailor it to our systems with a great deal of precision. Organizational problems are decreasing and productivity increasing. The openness of eZnet CRM's API and the versatility of the system make it easy to develop solid relationships on the platform and still use it beyond the obvious customer service benefits.


eZnet CRM is so easy to use! Everything stays organized and ready any time. This is really useful. Plus, their customer service team is super cooperative with the How-Tos and adjusting of the system in the best way for you. They are fast, available and patient (which I need the most!).

Neema P.

Virtual Stacks has made a believer out of this business analyst. eZnet CRM software is handy, and maybe detrimental to some, for good business. It helps us stay organized and it reduces paper waste and that is very important to us. It also improves the hassle-free upkeep of present, past and even potential customers and service calls.

Noah K.

This product is user friendly and gives access to effective communication all around the world. A great business tool to have in your pocket.


Seriously one of the most powerful, application rich and functional CRM software’s I've come across. It is a good fit for SMB and large enterprises alike. It is very easy to set up and administer but still has the power to accommodate very complex workflows and analytics when/if needed. Kudos!