CRM for Manufacturing Industry


Cut Costs with the Perfect Manufacturing CRM

Today’s manufacturing companies employ cutting-edge and cost-effective methods to stay on top of a demanding market. The manufacturing industry currently accounts for a quarter of the world’s economic activity. Manufacturing companies must efficiently oversee all production components without sacrificing quality while concurrently building and maintaining strong customer relationships. The streamlining capability offered by a manufacturing CRM solution like eZnet CRM helps manufacturers effectively manage customers, inventory and schedules while increasing production and reducing costs.

Reduce Costs with eZnet CRM

Using the cloud-based eZnet CRM system allows you to manage all areas of a successful manufacturing company at an extremely affordable price. How is this accomplished? Our global cloud servers allow manufacturing companies to reduce on-site expenses, be aggressive with pricing and ensure efficient budget control. Boosters to your company’s bottom line include:

  • Reduced deployment cost – No need to purchase new external storage hardware.
  • Accountability – Data and communication processes are easily accessible and trackable, allowing you to reduce waste by holding your employees accountable.
  • Report Analysis – Forecast profitable ventures based on data you can access anywhere, anytime.
  • Return on Investment – The time, effort and money saved by eZnet CRM are well worth the cost.

Secure, Accessible Data

In addition to cost-effectiveness, CRMs for manufacturers offer reliable servers, unparalleled security and on-the-go accessibility for all your company’s data. Stay ahead of the competition with the perfect balance of dependability and convenience:

  • Important documents and data are backed up nightly with unlimited cloud storage.
  • Data is generated from comprehensive reports, ensuring accuracy and completeness.
  • Our mobile app keeps you in touch anytime, anywhere.

Comprehensive Process Management

eZnet CRM for manufacturing industry professionals recognizes that each manufacturing process comes with its own important data. Our cloud-based software solution’s features allow you to manage every aspect of your business from one user-friendly and fully customizable dashboard. Using eZnet CRM, you can smoothly manage a variety of processes including:

  • Calendar & Task Management – Adhere to a strict production schedule accessible by all employees who are given access.
  • Inventory Management – Fill orders, maintain inventory of supplies and materials, and manage products with just a few clicks.
  • Real-Time Reporting – View up-to-date reporting and easily monitor effectiveness.
  • Document Management – Manage and distribute electronic documents related to your manufacturing business.

If you’re interested in affordably managing all aspects of your manufacturing business with a tap of your screen or click of your mouse, sign up today to begin your free 30 day trial of eZnet CRM!