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The Ticket function streamlines organization-wide Customer Support processes by integrating Sales & Customer Support in a single system. Integration between sales and post-sales support management helps organizations resolve the customer reported cases in the least possible time, enhancing customer satisfaction and allowing for more cross-selling and up-selling opportunities in the future.
A ticket is an issue or task associated with a customer assigned to an individual or group. Tickets can be prioritized and categorized based on its importance and urgency. Tickets can only be created under the Customer and Opportunity modules, and can only be edited and assigned to another individual after it has been created.

Create Ticket

eZnet CRM allows you to keep track of your customers and best fulfill their individual needs. Creating a ticket, allows you to list products and services available for each customer. Each ticket must be assigned to an individual or group.

Example: Susie works in the Accounts Department, a customer requests a copy of receipt of a recent purchase. A customer service representative creates a ticket, and assigns Susie, who receives a notification via email.

edit campaign details

 Until the administrator or the person assigned a ticket has resolved the issue, the ticket will remain in the queue until it is closed or deleted.

After the fields indicated by an asterisk are filled, a unique ticket number is automatically generated.

Edit Ticket

There is always an option to edit an existing ticket. You may:

  • • Assign supplementary employees or groups
  • • Delete current employees on the Ticket
  • • Upgrade Ticket priority
  • • Update Ticket category
  • • Change Ticket status
  • • Edit/Change Ticket description details
  • • Edit Ticket Resolution

 Once the Ticket information is configured, users can view the support tickets under the Opportunity, Quotes and Customer.

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