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Importing & Exporting

When given the option to import a document in eZnet CRM, it must be formatted as an .xls file. You encounter this option in the Lead, Item Master and Customer modules. However, in the Item Master, you are required to download a template that includes SKU, Item Name, Price, Quantity, Description and Status.


In eZnet CRM, you have an option to export or download documents and templates available in the system. Modules displaying Download or Export to Excel can be downloaded for offline use.

Document Library

Manage all your business-related documents in a single place for easy access and storage space. Documents from Lead, Opportunities, Tickets, Quotes, Campaigns and Customer modules are accumulated here. The Documents module is a central repository where you can upload and download documents and associate them with various records.

Upload Documents

Documents can be stored and assigned to various users or groups in eZnet CRM . The screen below demonstrates the upload screen.

edit campaign details

 Only the following file types are supported in an eZnet CRM document. PDF, doc, docx, ppt, pptx, xls, xlsx, rtf and txt.

Customer Documents

All Documents assigned to a specific customer can be viewed in their respective Customer records.


 This function is only available for Administrators.

You can create personal alerts for CRM activities of your choice. This function is found in the SETTINGS module of the CRM.

Personalizing your email template allows you to keep current with activities as it pertains to you and the entire system. If your user account is assigned a ticket, lead, quote or opportunity, based on the email template you personalized, you will receive alerts for these actions. You may change the formatting, change sequences, and add or remove fields including the footer message.
eZnet CRM will automatically send an email providing the information you created. On the other hand, if you want to receive alerts for new ticket, lead, quote or opportunity,(regardless of the assignee) you can create those alerts as well, and keep track of all activities in CRM.

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