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eZnet CRM is an on-demand, cloud customer relationship management (CRM) software that allows you to create the ultimate dashboard for you and your employees. eZnet CRM will help your business deal with the vital task of  managing your leads, campaigns, contacts, tickets and much more. You can also streamline your organization sales, marketing, inventory management and customer support from a customized dashboard.
You may customize eZnet CRM to cater to your business, our various modules and functions are exactly what you need to need to be more successful in your daily processes. With eZnet CRM, you won't miss a beat.
Data Administration eZnet CRM doesn't lock away your data but gives you full access to import and export your data anytime. Inventory Management eZnet CRM lets you manage all your inventory and sales activities and records in a single application.
Marketing Automation Plan your marketing strategies and campaigns with easy-to-use features of eZnet CRM. Keeps track of costs, revenue and other aspects of your marketing campaigns. Reports & Dashboards Use your dashboard to keep track of various priority data & reports, and also real-time information about leads, opportunities, activities, tickets and more.
Documents Library Manage all your business related documents within eZnet CRM. eZnet CRM lets you add, upload, download and email your documents straight from the documens tab. Activities Organize and keep track of all your activities, tasks and calendar based events. Also, set the type, priority, status, start and end date and time for each event and set reminders.
Leads Management Manage and keep track all your important leads and their relevant information with eZnet CRM. Import and export leads directly from a spreadsheet for further analysis. Support Never miss a lead or a customer by creating quick quotes with eZnet CRM. Also, create and manage category specific tickets right from your dashboard.
Organization Settings Customize your company details: name, description, logo, contact person information and address. Also, set timezones, session, currency and date formats in your eZnet CRM. Users & Permissions Control the security levels in your account by creating the roles, profiles and groups for the users.
Customer Management Manage all your customers in one robust system, wherever you go, on whichever device you use. For bulk data, import and export all your customer information, or make a quick entry in just a snap. Billing & Payment eZnet CRM offers affordable pay-as-you-go pricing for all packages. Purchase any package and receive a 30-day free trial with no credit card required.