Inventory Management

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Item Master

Manage your inventory with the Item Master. This menu of eZnet CRM helps you to list products and services that your company offers.

Add Products

You can create individual products by: entering data in the Add Item form or Importing data from the CRM template.

 Each item added to the Item Master List MUST have a unique SKU.

Add New Item

Input your entire inventory manually by providing the necessary information by selecting the Add Item button.

 eZnet CRM does not allow duplicate SKUs.

Import Item

Import inventory to CRM with an Excel spreadsheet, however the file must be the same template given by eZnet CRM as an .xls file.

Input the necessary information indicated by an asterisk in the Excel template given by the CRM and import. This action should populate the list. By default, an ACTIVE status applies to newly uploaded items. If you do not intend on using items on the Inventory List for quotes, change status to INACTIVE.

Export Item List

To extract the Item List, there is an option to export to an Excel spreadsheet available for offline use. For multiple modifications, you may also edit the information on the spreadsheet and re–upload it to the Item List.

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