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The eZnet CRM setup process is simple and requires just a few minutes of your time. Make eZnet CRM your own by changing personal settings, company details, create profiles for employees and user accounts from a central locationYour first experience with eZnet CRM is the highly customizable dashboard equipped with all modules, functions and activities. 

Account Setup

Start setting up your eZnet CRM account by adding your company details and personal information. You can then create roles, add users and profiles according to your organization’s requirements.

Sales and Marketing Customization

Organize all of your leads, campaigns, opportunities and more with the sales and marketing automation functions.

Product Customization

Customize your account based on your industry standards and business requirements. You can begin by customizing fields, page layouts, themes, tabs and list views.

Common Operations

Take a quick glance into some of the common operations such as exporting, navigating and searching records in eZnet CRM.

Personal Settings

First, personalize your CRM account by changing location, time zone and logo.

Company Details

Add your company details such as the company name for your business communication, country location, time zone and also the company logo. Note that Company Logo image file size should not exceed 20 KB and for best results, use an image with 190 (width) by 65 (height) pixel dimensions.


Add users to your CRM account and assign them roles and profiles. Please note that only after you add a user to your account, will you be able to add new profiles and roles.


Create profiles that define the access permissions to the various CRM modules and features.


Set up the organization-wide hierarchy by creating Roles and assigning it to users.

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